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Elastic FM is unlike any Community Radio Station in the area. We currently only broadcast online and listeners can listen via our website, or, via their Smart Phone using the Tunein Radio App on their IOS or Android devices. To put it simply, listeners can now take Internet radio anywhere!

Like our competitors we believe that advertising should be cost effective, affordable and value for money. However when you take an advert out with a local commercial station the costs tend to be high. This is because of the agency fees, production work and commission that is taken. Even with local community stations, advertising fees remain high to pay commission to their sales team and any advertising agencies they work with. You also will find that you can’t take your advert with you for use anywhere else. Elastic FM will not do this.

Elastic FM is set at the heart of the community of Clowne, Derbyshire. It is locally owned and run by a team of volunteers that actually live in and around the local area. Our team have a vast experience in producing an advert that delivers a clear objective, reminding customers of why you are best for them. Your message could be part of our on air programing and form a major part of our imaging, for a fraction of the price you would expect.

You can advertise in a number of ways with us, from sponsoring the time check at the top of the hour, sponsoring weather, sponsoring a show or just take out an advert on air. We also offer whole website take overs – great if you have a new product or promotion that is worth shouting about! We can also offer you the chance to advertise on our online player, with a short advert and image before the listener connects to the station. Our aim is to work with you to find an advert that meets your business and budget needs.

Have a look at the current rates. The pricing is competitive. However, if there is something you want and cannot find, please make contact with us and we can work to build and develop a package that is right for you.