STUART HAYWOOD  Presents IN THE COUNTRY Wednesdays 7.00 – 10.00 pm – 

     Music has always been a passion of mine whatever the genre, be it Black Sabbath or Mozart. I began as a drummer in my teens playing Pop through to playing bass and banjo in a successful Country music band. I had a wonderful eight years with Springfield touring the UK and the continent culminating in the release of three albums. In 1987 I went back to the clubs and continued studio and session work, also setting up my own recording studio in 1995 which became popular – recording local artists and sequencing backing tracks. Up to 6 years ago I was still actually performing – in a heavy metal band! And it was wonderful.  I guess the performer in me prompted this latest journey into radio presenting and would like to thank Elastic FM and the team here for giving me the opportunity to express and continue my love of music. Also, apart from painting in oils I have published several novels – one short story and a book on the history of Bolsover. There is no better feeling than creating something and being satisfied with the result.  You can see my work at:

Stuart’s face book page –   Stuart Haywood

Also visit the In The Country face book page – email


PAUL HIBBERD – Presents POPS THE QUESTION Tuesdays 7.00 – 10.00 pm and – FROM ME TO YOU –  Request Show – Saturdays 11 am – 2 pm

My name is Paul Hibberd, I am married and live in Sheffield and work at a Sheffield Academy School. I am also a Mobile Disc Jockey, and have been since 1981. I have been involved with radio since leaving school. I started out assisting two presenters at Radio Hallam, scouring local record shops for songs and material to be used in their shows. In 1992, I was the Station Manager and presenter on PHANTAM AM, a RSL Country Music station, from which I was invited to join Radio Nightingale. In 2001 I moved to Sheffield Hospital Radio and still present a weekly show. I joined Elastic FM in 2014 through my late step daughter, Kat Mayall’s enthusiasm with the station. Kat was a Director and Presenter, and during a visit to see her presenting, I spoke to Roger Neale and put forward my idea for Pops the Question, a weekly pop music quiz show, which has now been running several years.



 I am a 22 year old with a passion for Performing Arts, Travelling and Music. Performing Arts has always been something that I have enjoyed doing because I love how you can be creative and really think outside of the box to show people who you really are. Drama has really helped me with my confidence and allowed me to become who I am today. My other love is Travelling as I want to explore the world and really see what it has to offer with all the amazing places and people –  I want to see what I am missing! Music is something I can’t live without as it allows me to sing and dance when no one is around. Elastic FM has enabled me to do things that I didn’t think were possible, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I currently present Micha’s Magical Mixes (7pm – 10pm) every Thursday.  It is a show full all different genres of Music with different themes every week. I also do a show called Monday Mayhem (3pm – 6pm) with Stuart, Craig & Brian which can get pretty crazy but we always have a good laugh within the show and support one another with whatever we bring in that day. If you wish to contact me; FACEBOOK: Micha McLaren also Micha’s Magical Mixes


(GRANDAD) BRIAN DANIELS – Presents MY KIND OF MUSIC – Wednesdays 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm 

 I began working at the age of just 15 for Mather and Platt Ltd in Manchester. By the age of 28 I was Chief Draughtsman. In 1968 I moved to Australia with my wife and son working in various Draughtsman positions and to the position of Works Engineer where I designed a £2m factory extension. 1972 saw us all return to the UK. The company relocated to the south and I was settled where I was so left and became a delivery agent for Securicor.   After finally retiring we moved to Anglesey where we lived for 11 and I became a member of the RNLI at the local Life Boat Station.

Both my wife and I suffered from ill health so we moved to Shuttlewood near Bolsover where sadly she died in 2016. I first became involved with Elastic FM in November of 2016 and have presented my afternoon show ‘My Kind Of Music’ since then. The team here are very much like a second family for me and are very supportive and I enjoy every minute. Each week along with news and local events, I give out two recipes which have become very popular with my listeners.


ALAN WILKINSON – Co Hosts THE FRIDAY VIBES from 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm – RADIOACTIVE Tuesday from 3 till 4 pm and THE WEDNESDAY WIND DOWN 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Alan-Wilkinson-1.jpgAlan Wilkinson here! I’m really excited to be joining Elastic FM as it presents a fresh new challenge for me.  I’m 63 years old this year & I have worked in local radio for the last nine years at both Peak FM for six & then Spire for last three years so you may have heard me on the airwaves already. I’m a family man & love to be out in the community meeting people. Join me on my new Friday drive time show from 2 til 5 where I’ll be playing music of all genres from the last six decades. I’ll also be taking your song requests. Check out the Elastic FM Presenters page on Facebook & my show page for regular updates.


DIANA THOMPSON – Presents ‘DIANA’S DRIVE TIME’ on Thursdays from 4.00 – 6.00 pm   and co-hosts ‘AL AND DI’S FRIDAY VIBES  on Fridays  1.00 – 4.00 pm

I was brought up in Hasland, Chesterfield. Music was always a big part of growing up, my Dad taught me to love all sorts of music as he promoted and recorded local bands in the 70s/80s. I listened to anything from Beatles to Beethoven, Country to Rock n Roll and this developed in a great passion and knowledge of music. I can also play piano, guitar, flute and violin! I also have a love of football, athletics and especially tennis.I left school at 16 and worked at one of the leading Chesterfield Accountancy firms for 17 years where I was the senior Payroll officer and had clients such as Chesterfield Football Club and other prominent businesses from the North Derbyshire area. I then worked at Oxfam for 5 years and retrained as a proofreader and copywriter and have recently set up my own business ‘Inspired Editing’ while I took a few months off work this year with ill health. Currently in my main job, I am head waitress and front of house at ‘No.10 Cafe, Restaurant and Bar’ in Chesterfield where I have worked for 8 years. I am also a carer for my Mum and a disabled friend.
I’m a single Mum now living in Newbold and have two fantastic children who I am very proud of. Ella has now graduated from the University of Sheffield with a master’s degree in Physics. James is currently at Nottingham Trent University studying for a Mathematics degree.
A latecomer to community radio at 50 years old, I started on Spire Radio early in 2018 when Alan Wilkinson asked listeners for requests on his show, invited me to co-present the following week and I fast became part of the social media and sports team, then started hosting solo shows in May 2019.
I work at Chesterfield Football Club on match days, where I report all the match data to the National press and I also accompany Alan at away matches helping with the social media posts, photos and videos. I was pleased and excited to join Elastic FM in September and back with my former presenting partner on ‘Al & Di’s Friday Drive’ and my own show ‘Diana’s Drive Time’. I have been made to feel very welcome by everyone at fantastic Elastic FM



My name is Amy J. I’m 19 years old & i’m currently studying for a degree in music at the University of Sheffield. I’ve lived in Chesterfield all of life, but I volunteered as a youth worker in Kent for a year after my A Levels (which was super fun)

I have a passion for all things music & I’ve been playing guitar since the age of 7 , in fact most weekends you can find me playing live at a local pub or restaurant! I love all genres of music & I have a really wide (some would say) crazy taste in music – especially as most of my favourite bands are from long before I was born.

As well as music, I also love cooking (actually just food in general), crafts & films. I really enjoy asking questions, even if they are somewhat random, but i’m always up for a laugh! My first time on the radio was at the age of 7 & as I can talk for hours on end, I absolutely loved it & I have jumped at every chance I’ve had to get behind a microphone ever since!

I’m really happy to be part of the EFM family, everyone is so lovely. You can hear my show “Amy J’s Allsorts” every Thursday from 2pm – 4pm. It’s a mix of all sorts (the clue is in the name), but the most important thing is it’s a fun 2 hours full of laughter (hopefully) & music. As a musician myself, i’m passionate about keeping live music venues alive so keep your ears open for facts about different venues both locally, but up & down the country as well. There’s also the possibility of some live music from the studio as well!



IAN CUSACK – Presents FUNNY FOLK Monday 8.00 – 10.00 pm and Hosts WEEKEND WARM UP OF SPORT Fridays 7.00 – 9.00 pm

I originate from Kent and have had a varied career, none of which involved music or radio, from chemistry to therapy via building and local government. I got involved in this and much more via Charlie Walden’s Spire Media, his reporting projects and his sports show on Spire radio. In addition to my own show FUNNY FOLK on Mondays from 8.00 til 10.00 pm,  I also cover Chesterfield FC pre-match press conferences. My musical taste is quite eclectic ranging from classical to hard rock and even a little opera, country and folk too. I don’t really believe in putting music into boxes, it’s more a case of “if I like it then it’s good”. I also anchor Weekend Warm up of Sport with Graham Abercrombie, Steve Yorke and regular reports from Charlie Walden, Fridays 6pm to 8pm.



DARREN KAY – Presents – MOVIES AND MUSICALS – Sunday 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm


DAVID KELLY – Presents – The Melting Pot – Fridays 6.00 – 7.00pm

David Kelly has always had an interest in music – being brought up on a mixture of 70s and 80s rock,
pop and new wave, and also on his grandfather’s Irish folk and Country collection.
In more recent years he continues to broaden his music collection, searching out lesser
known tracks from famous artists, whilst also on the hunt for something new – regardless of genre.

First making an appearance on community radio whilst at Springwell Community School
on their own station, Emerald Radio, David returned to the airwaves at Spire Radio in April 2019.

By day, David is an accountant, but outside of this, also has a keen interest in transportation,
and is involved with several transport preservation groups, including being joint News Sheet Editor
for Transpire – The Chesterfield Bus Society. He also enjoys travelling, photography, and real ale,
amongst other things – and any combination of the above is not uncommon on a day out if opportunity

David currently presents David Kelly In The Afternoon between 3pm to 6pm on Tuesday afternoons,
taking you on a musical journey spanning past to present, playing well known and forgotten hits,
and introducing others you may never have heard before, as well as supporting local artists


CAROLYN WELLINGTON  presents The Perfect Balance Show – Mondays 10-00 till 12 noon

I am super excited to be joining Elastic FM. Being a radio presenter is one of my main goals in life. I have been in the health and wellness industry for 40 years, starting as a nurse, qualifying as a sports therapist working with elite athletes in the UK, USA and Worldwide, a life coach, tutor, business owner, health and wellness writer for the Arizona Foothills Magazine and now a radio presenter. Where does it go from here, I ask myself? Life is a journey. With effort, determination, focus and consistency, I have grown into the person I am today.

Elastic FM has allowed me to share my love and passion for all things health and wellness, helping you to find your perfect balance in life. Mixing my knowledge, experience with music is just magical and can produce a real feel-good factor. So, let me share The Perfect Balance show with you for two hours every Monday from 10 am – 12 pm. Prioritise yourself, start the week with a positive mindset, a focus, a goal and a smile.

Check out my Elastic FM The Perfect Balance Radio Show group on Facebook, where we can all get together and share out health and wellbeing experiences, request talk topics, raise questions and lots more. You can also check me out on my website: to find out more about me and contact me for support, guidance, coaching and more. I also share health and wellness articles, tips and tricks on the Elastic FM website:

Join me and start your health and wellness journey. Are you ready to make a change?

MARTIN GREEN – presents The Cage – Fridays 9.00 – 11.00 pm also The 70s Show – Sundays 5.00 – 7.00 pm


ALFIE DARLIN – co -presents The Top Notch Show – 7.00 – 10.00pm Thursdays with Paul Tulip and Daniel Lythe

-Hello to you all, I’m Alfie Darlin. Song writer, performer, comedian and now proud to be a presenter here on Elastic FM! I’ve had the pleasure of performing thousands of shows, up and down the UK, over the past 15 years and I got into radio with one main goal: To help others get into the spotlight. I’ve met countless wonderful people in my time on and off stage, some truly brilliant performers that deserve all the support we can offer. Our shows focus will be on the unsigned acts climbing the ladder, I want to introduce you all to the seemingly endless well of talent that is sitting right on your doorstep. And if you’re songwriter looking for a little push, or you know someone you think should be on radio, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Send your music into: Let us know about your upcoming shows/debuts. I was a fan of music and comedy long before I ever took to a stage and it genuinely makes may day to discover songthing new. Instagram: @alfie.darlin


PAUL TULIP – co – presents The Top Notch Show with Alfie Darlin and Daniel Lythe

My name is Paul Tulip I’m 30 soon to be 31 years old I’m from chesterfield.
For past few years I’ve been focused on my family life but I’ve previously had
years of experience on the music scene I’ve been in bands and I play drums ,
guitar and sing. In the past I’ve done some radio presenting at spire radio and now I’m
very excited to be a part of the elastic fm team.


DANIEL LYTHE – co – presents The Top Notch Show with Alfie Darlin and Paul Tulip

Hi. My name is Daniel, I am a 36yo Chesterfield based stand up comedian, I’ve been making a name for myself and dipping my toes into hosting my own comedy nights. I’ve been interviewing comedians and releasing episodes of my own podcast too. I love showcasing new acts and creating opportunities for them to get the ball rolling. Before I got into comedy I was on the music scene, anything to get a bit of attention to be honest and although I never got very far with it, I’ve still got a lot of passion for music and musicians. As long as I can remember I’d always wanted to be on the radio and now with the chance to mix all my favourite things, I can showcase new musicians, listen to some great music and bring the funny to the masses. I’m really excited to be part of Elastic FM. Between all of that and a “very exciting” job in retail, I might find time to spend with my wonderfully supportive wife. Instagram: @englishenigma


ADAM MARSDEN Co – Presenter of The EFM Sports Show – Saturday 2.00 – 6.00 pm

My name is Adam and I am the presenter of the Elastic FM sports
desk show on Saturdays between 2pm and 6pm and is the local reporter for Staveley Miners Welfare.

I started working in radio as a producer on Peak FMs sports show in
2009 before leaving to University in 2011.

Since leaving Univeristy in 2014, I have covered local football in
Derbyshire and thoroughly enjoy bringing the latest local sports updates every Saturday afternoon.

Since then I have covered, Alfreton, Chesterfield, Dronfield,
Matlock and more recently Staveley.

My first reporting role was during my time at Univeristy covering
Warrington Town Football Club home and away and from this moment fell in love with the role.


Ben Bond Co- Presenter of The EFM Sorts Show

I am Ben Bond, and I will be reporting on football for Elastic FM. I am originally from Chesterfield
however I am currently living in Derby. I am currently studying for a degree in Sports Journalism at
the University of Derby in the hopes of turning my passion for football into a full-time career, sports
I also enjoy include Darts, MMA and Boxing. Football has always been a huge passion of mine ever
since I was young, I enjoy both watching football and playing it. Some of my other interests include
spending too much time on Football Manager, listening to music and podcasts and going to the gym.
If you wish to contact me: Twitter- @bondb43 Instagram – ben.bond17 Facebook – Ben Bond


Chris Bigg – Co – Presenter of The EFM Sports Show

Hi I’m Chis Bigg. I’ve been a Derbyshire resident for most of my 46 years. I work as a Lubricant Sales
Manager for a local Oil Company.
I have followed Chesterfield for a lot of my years and remember going with my dad and grandad
when it seemed we played Rochdale and Hartlepool every week. My all-time Chesterfield heroes are
Sean Dyche and Jack Lester.
Now with Elastic FM, I’m lucky enough to do full match commentary with the incredibly talented
Adam Marsden at Staveley Miners Welfare FC. If you’ve not taken a trip down to the Elastic FM
Community Stadium you’re missing out, it is a wonderful place to visit and the football is good as
Outside everything else I like spending time with my family Marcia, Danny and Kurt and our dog
Pudsey. I also enjoy movies and work as a ring announcer and commentator in British Wrestling
which is another passion of mine.


David Bell Co-Presenter of The EFM Sports Show

Hi! My name is David Bell and I’m a married dad of one. I love travel, nice food, craft beer and late
80’s / early 90’s indie music. I’m a school business manager by day but outside of work, I pursue my
outside interests of sport and sports journalism. I represented Chesterfield Hockey Club for many
years and I still carry my creaking knees on to a cricket pitch to play for Whittington Wanderers in
the Derbyshire County Cricket League. My interest in local football came when I used to contribute
match reports to the Sheffield FC (the world’s oldest football club) programme and website and I
soon became keen on supporting our local non-league teams around the region. More than ten
years ago, I began following Sheffield Sharks professional basketball team, eventually joining their
media team to provide reports, interviews and website articles as well as writing for the local press
on their behalf. I moved into sports radio broadcasting a few years ago at Spire Radio and enjoy the
excitement of reporting on the spot from a game. As a Dronfield native, I am proud to have the
opportunity to report on my hometown team Dronfield Town FC for Elastic FM as well as bringing all
the latest news from the Sharks at Ponds Forge. We have an enthusiastic, knowledgeable sports
team and it is a pleasure to bring you all the sports news from around our region.


Elliott Steadman  Co – Presenter of The EFM Sports Show

I’m Elliot Steadman I’ve been working for Derbyshire Media company for
2 years now reporting on Buxton FC and the academy. I’m a student at Derby
University studying on the only football journalism course in the country.
I have since last season started to work on matchdays doing the Buxton Twitter updates.


Josh Mellor Co-Presenter of The EFM Sports Show

I’m excited to be joining the Elastic FM sports team as a Formula One correspondent,
providing weekly updates and insight for each round of the world championship.

I graduated from the University of Derby in 2016 with a degree in Journalism and
have since volunteered at various local radio stations as a sports reporter, and sports show co-presenter.

I have been following F1 since 2008, when Lewis Hamilton won his first world title
in breath-taking style in São Paulo, Brazil. (I’ve tried not to miss a single race since then!)
I’ve also been to five British Grand Prix and had the pleasure of seeing these wonderful
racing cars and drivers up close.

I also enjoy following Chesterfield FC home and away and have been a fan of the
Spireites since their new stadium was built in 2010.