On Saturday 20th August, our Finance Director, Claire Cahill attended an open day to learn more about an exciting Nutrition Club that will be opening their doors in Staveley in September.

The owner of the club is Grace Brocklehurst, who is a local lady and mum of 3 boys. She is a part time nursery practitioner and is very excited to becoming the Staveley nutrition club owner along with her trainees.

Grace told Claire “I have always loved helping others and I believe I found my passion with helping others achieve their goals and believe in themselves”.

Back in 2014, Grace started her own journey with my Herbalife and implemented a nutrition plan. Since she has always loved what she does. She went on to tell Claire  “I believe Herbalife helped with a new result and focus through lock down where I am now healthier and stronger than ever before”.

Grace went on to say “I want people to see that it is possible for anyone to improve their health”.  Grace has helped many people in the community achieve their goals online, especially since lockdown where a lot more people have needed something to focus on their mental & physical health and wellbeing.

Grace has been visiting the Mission Nutrition club in Rotherham which is run by Sarah Tattersfield and she went on to describe “the atmosphere and support their is amazing, they have that community spirit and that’s what I would like to bring to our community”. Grace wants to see more people cheering each other on and she believes the Nutrition Club will help a lot of people in our area by providing the ongoing encouragement, support and challenge that they need to achieve their health and life goals.

Grace went on to say “My wish is to help more people to feel healthier and happier by starting the day the best way they can with a spring in their step and a smile on their face through having that community spirit and achieving their goals”.

In the club Grace will work with you to achieve your goals whatever they may be, no matter how big or small. Areas that Grace can support with are :-

  • Weight loss
  • Nutrition
  • Healthier Breakfast
  • Sports Performance

By attending the club weekly will enable you to achieve these milestones with Grace’s one to one support. 

The club will be open mornings, Monday-Saturday and this will help people start the day well.

The doors open on Monday 5th September in Staveley market place above Wisebuys store.

There will be different types of membership options and people can have a free wellness evaluation to explore how Grace can help you achieve your goals plus how the nutrition club works daily.

Claire took advantage of this last Monday and here is what she had to say “It was extremely insightful and I was fortunate that all of my measurements were where they needed to be even though I knew there was work to be done”

“Being a woman of a certain age and going through the next phase of my life, menopause! I know that I cannot do the same things that I normally do and expect the same results. I need to make changes and substitute some of my favourite foods ie chocolate for alternative, healthier options”

During the open day Grace provided some of the healthier options and it was a great opportunity to look around the venue, talk more about the club and sample some of the products that would be included in the meal plans.

If you want to take advantage of the free wellness evaluation, please contact, Grace Brocklehurst on 07805 185 072

Alternatively you can find her on Facebook Grace Brocklehurst or on Instagram Staveley Nutrition Club 

The next open day is on Wednesday 24th August at 7pm so why not pop down and have a tour.

Elastic FM wishes Grace huge success with her venture as she inspires the Staveley community with her knowledge and expertise as she achieves her goal of increasing the community spirit whilst making healthy choices to start the day well with a spring in your step & a smile on your face.