For the last 5 years, Community Media organisation Elastic FM has been spreading Christmas Cheer to the elderly and families who are financially struggling. 

Until the pandemic hit in 2020, people from the community produced Christmas shoebox gifts that were given to the elderly at a Christmas lunch party where they enjoyed a two course meal, bingo and carol singing. Claire Cahill, our Finance Director shared her experience with us “The joy on their faces was a pleasure to experience and the noise in the room was electric as they enjoyed celebrating and being grateful for the gifts they received. The time flew by and I enjoyed serving tea, coffee, mince pies as well as washing up throughout the event.”

Last year, due to the pandemic, people from the community put together Christmas hampers and delivered them to families who were struggling either physically, emotionally or financially. David Lilley did a fabulous job at putting the instruction videos together so that people could comply with the Covid-19 requirements. Throughout the community, people were kind enough to donate and deliver the hampers. Claire and her family delivered their hamper and her children said “Mum, that was such a nice thing to do & the joy on that little girls face when she saw the chocolate Reindeer we had put in the hamper was special.” It’s the small things in life that we take for granted, yet they leave the biggest imprint on people’s hearts. 

This year, Elastic FM would like to encourage people in the community to participate again and David Lilley has shared a video in the facebook group to show how you can support people in the local community.

We would like to thank the following local businesses for supporting the cause.

Ours Bar – Creswell

The Coffee Cup – Bolsover

Angel Inn – Clowne

The Hub – Clay Cross

Hodthorpe Stores

Here is the link to nominate an elderly or vulnerable person or family for a credit for a meal which can be used until January 31st 2022.]-R&c[0]=AT20yKFe7EtWO3Bba8r6zUXTdzVPga_b5adJRS2BSGtJHToF9Ul0mWUJjL2EgcRRV70N6MoLsxVbbYkEVi18RRJw4SZsuSYALeIP4Q37LLJ_-_ePW-cbF9pYYKkqaZPGt2Xd5x5QM-SwKfSwvEYikHuomrkfLAGAoER0tg905p_HWIYBpD3FRcza6RyzR0Z7wOJcgrBjQt1WjQP54dpcdzLX95KnXjg