During November there are lots of events happening throughout the community and the UK. We share some of these events with you because we know that they will be close to some peoples heart in the community.

Diabetes Awareness Month

Many people suffer with diabetes and over the last few days I have seen adverts on the TV that promote the use of glucose measuring tests. It’s also a conversation I have had with my chiropractor and nutritionist as I seek to understand the changes in my hormones now that I have reached middle age and having perimenopause symptoms.

What Is an Insulin Test?

This test measures the amount of insulin, the hormone that lets cells take in glucose. Glucose, a sugar that comes from food, is the body’s main source of energy. Glucose levels in the blood rise after meals and trigger the pancreas to make insulin and release it into the blood.

In a future post I will share 2 stories about people who were diagnosed with diabetes at an early age, what their symptoms were and how they control their insulins levels daily. Both ladies want to increase the awareness of diabetes which is why I am delighted that they want to share their stories to support people in our community.

Remembrance Sunday - 13th November

Remembrance Sunday is a national opportunity to remember the service and sacrifice of all those that have defended our freedoms and protected our way of life. 

We remember the Armed Forces, and their families, from Britain and the Commonwealth, the vital role played by the emergency services and those who have lost their lives as a result of conflict or terrorism. 

The National Service of Remembrance, held at The Cenotaph in Whitehall on Remembrance Sunday, provides the nation with a physical reminder of all those who have served and sacrificed, with British and Commonwealth soldiers, sailors, airmen and women represented, together with members of the emergency services and civilians, ensuring that no-one is forgotten.

This will be the first year since the death of Queen Elizabeth II that King Charles III will lay a wreath at The Cenotaph. He will be joined by other members of the Royal Family as they show their respect for those lost over the years.

This year also marks the 40th anniversary of the Falkland’s war.

The Falklands war (was a ten-week undeclared war between Argentina and the United Kingdom in 1982 over two British dependant territories in the South Atlantic: the Falkland Islands and its territorial dependencySouth Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

The conflict began on 2 April, when Argentina invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands, followed by the invasion of South Georgia the next day. On 5 April, the British government dispatched a naval task force to engage the Argentine Navy and Air Force before making an amphibious assault on the islands. The conflict lasted 74 days and ended with an Argentine surrender on 14 June, returning the islands to British control. In total, 649 Argentine military personnel, 255 British military personnel, and three Falkland Islanders died during the hostilities.

World Kindness Day - Sunday 13th November

Do we need a day to be kind?

Should we learn to be kind every day?

World Kindness Day is celebrated annually on 13th November. On this day, participants attempt to make the world a better place by celebrating and promoting good deeds and pledging acts of kindness, either as individuals or as organisations.

World Kindness Day was first launched in 1998 by The World Kindness Movement, an organisation formed at a 1997 Tokyo conference of like-minded kindness organisations from around the world. There are currently over 28 nations involved in The World Kindness Movement which is not affiliated with any religion or political movement. The mission of the World Kindness Movement and World Kindness Day is to create a kinder world by inspiring individuals and nations towards greater kindness.

In the UK, Kindness Day UK is organised by Kindness UK, a not for profit organisation. Kindness Day UK was launched on 13th November 2010, and the event has continued to grow in popularity every year with increasing numbers of individuals, schools, charities, institutions and businesses taking part.

Anti Bullying Week - Monday 14th - Friday 18th

Anti Bullying Alliance are official organisers of anti bullying week and odd socks day.

The week kicked off on Monday 14th November with odd socks day. Many adults and children throughout the community were encouraged to wear odd socks to celebrate what makes us all unique.

The theme of Reach Out came about following consultation with teachers and pupils by the Anti-Bullying Alliance which coordinates Anti-Bullying Week every year in England and Wales. Teachers and children wanted a theme that empowered them to do something positive to counter the harm and hurt that bullying causes.

Bullying affects millions of lives and can leave us feeling hopeless, but it doesn’t have to be this way. If we challenge it, we can change it and it starts by reaching out.

Whether it’s in school, at home, in the community or online, let’s reach out and show each other the support we need. Reach out to someone you trust if you need to talk. Reach out to someone you know is being bullied. Reach out and consider a new approach.

It doesn’t stop with young people. From teachers to parents and influencers to politicians, we all have a responsibility to help each other reach out. Together, let’s be the change we want to see. Reflect on our own behaviour, set positive examples and create kinder communities.

It takes courage, but it can change lives. So, this Anti-Bullying Week, let’s come together and reach out to stop bullying.

Children In Need - Friday 18th November

The Great SPOTacular – Come together with BBC Children in Need and join The Great SPOTacular!

With loads of fun ways to fundraise and take part, you can help children and young people all over the UK who need it most. From sponsored walk-athons and penalty SPOTs to fancy dress and SPOTacular bake sales, there are endless ways to get SPOTacular for BBC Children in Need this year.

The last couple of years have been incredibly hard for children and young people. Living through Covid has caused feelings of anxiety, fear and hopelessness in too many children; and the cost of living crisis is now pushing even more families into hardship.

In most of the schools throughout the community they are inviting children to wear spots and donate £1 which can go a long way to support those families and children who are struggling with illnesses.

Organisations within our community that is supported by the generous donations for Children in Need

Fairplay North Derbyshire– The project will support a number of activity groups for disabled young people. The aims are to help young people feel happier and less socially isolated, more self-confident and more independent.

Dwarf Sport Association Chesterfield – This project will provide a range of activities for children of restricted growth, and their families. The aim is to improve family relationships, enable the children to keep physically well and increase their self-belief.

Ashgate Hospice Chesterfield – This project will deliver counselling and mentoring for young people affected by bereavement or the responsibility of being a carer, isolated due to Covid-19. This will result in increased emotional wellbeing, self-esteem and reaching goals.

Football World Cup - Quatar 2022

Since the England Women’s team won the Euros earlier this year there is no a belief that “football is coming home”

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to be the 22nd running of the FIFA World Cup competition, the quadrennial international men’s football championship contested by the senior national teams of the member associations of FIFA. It is scheduled to take place in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December 2022.

England are in group B with their first match against Iran on Monday 21st November at 1pm. United States and Wales are the other teams in this group.

England play United States on Friday 25th November at 7pm followed by Wales V England on Tuesday 29th November at 7pm.

Elastic FM wishes Gareth Southgate and his Three Lions good luck as they arrive in Quatar.