Elastic FM can offer sensibly priced, high impact and effective audio advertising for all types and sizes of business.

Adverts played on Elastic FM are typically 30 seconds in duration and can consist of one or more voices, a music bed and sound effects.

During the Internet Streaming phase of Elastic FM’s evolution, adverts will be priced at a modest £75 per month.

An additional Production Cost of £50 is applied. However, if the same advert is used for several months, the production cost will not be applied again.

During the month the advert is played, the production will be played at least once every 2 hours each day and seven days a week.

The minimum advertising duration is one month.

As an example, if an advertiser chooses to advertise for three months, the cost would be as follows:

1) Production Fee of £50

2) 3 x months of advertising at £75 per month

3) Total cost of £275 for 3 months advertising.

Discounts will be given to advertisers who commit to six months of advertising.

Elastic FM accepts payment by:

  • Cheque
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card – via the Pay Pal system