Introducing The Derbyshire Wellness Network 

Few things are as important as human health and it’s refreshing to see a new initiative that is dedicated to sharing the best information about well-being.

The First Event

Ashgate Coffee Shop will play host to the first ever Derbyshire Wellness Network event focusing on Purple Lotus Dispensary in San Jose CA on Thursday 21st February 2019.

Networking For Wellness Professionals And Learning Opportunities For The Public

Business Networking has become a very common activity in the modern world but there is only a small amount of dedicated networking for wellness professionals across the UK.

As far as the county of Derbyshire and neighbouring areas are concerned, The Derbyshire Wellness Network plans to change this.

Their events are described as hybrid events, ones where health and wellness practicioners can get together and share ideas but also where the general public can attend to watch high quality presentations about different aspects of health.

Learn About What Nutrition The Human Body Needs

The first event will see a speech from Rebecca Flannery, an Evidence Based Nutritionist with a growing reputation. Rebecca will share her knowledge on what nutrition the human body needs and which food types can be consumed to ensure a healthy balance.

Future events will see other specialist speakers across all of the different health and wellness genres and will include people who have recovered from cancer and drug and alcohol addiction.

Details Of The First Event

The first event commences at 630 pm and is expected to conclude at 830 pm. It costs a modest £10 per person to attend and includes a sandwich and drink.

The link below takes you to a booking page.

Date: Thursday 21st February

Place: Ashgate Coffee Shop, Clowne

Time: 630 – 830pm

Price: £10 per person

Price includes drink and a snack