Elastic FM has successfully launched what they call the Chesterfield Kindness Project. Underpinned by social media activity, The Kindness Project encourages local people to share items and good will.  This permanent project is designed for people to share items but also to request items and other types of help.

Commenting on the initiative, David Lilley, Chairman of Elastic FM said

 ‘There are so many ways that local people can help each other. Some people have items of clothing, furniture or electrical items that are in perfectly good condition but are no longer needed by the current owner. These items can be picture and posted in the Kindness Project Group on Facebook and taken up by other members’.

Lilley pointed out that the initiative is not all about the sharing of physical items, other types of kindness can be shared inside the group.

“The Kindness Project is not all about the sharing of physical items, some people need advice or support with other types of initiative. As long as the activity is honest, legal and people enter in the spirt of the project, with a kind heart and good intentions, we are comfortable with it” added Lilley.

Elastic FM is keen to see this type of initiative support efforts to support climate change.

“Upcycling and repurposing has become an encouraging trend. So, when someone decides they want to change an item in their home they now have the option of giving that item away instead of taking it to a local dumping site.  Whilst we know that recycling has improved dramatically in recent years, there are still a lot of items that find their way to landfill and if Chesterfield The Kindness Project can reduce that volume, we will be happy”

The Kindness Project commenced in January 2021, already has close to 600 members and has seen dozens of items given away. If you would like to join the free project please click here