Elastic FM is grateful to “Awards For All Community Fund” for announcing that we have been successful in securing a small amount of funding to assist us with developing our studio and keeping it safe and warm, as well as helping us to pay for some of our essential technical work.

The money provided will ensure we can create a training room that is safe and comfortable for people to use, with appropriate air filtration, heating,  desks, chairs and presentation facilities.

In addition to this, the technical work on scheduling our shows and reaching out to the community with posts on Social Media and via our website, sharing articles about our local area etc, is an important part of what we do. Some of the money will be used to pay for staff / contractor and resources to ensure we lay out the foundations to make this work easier for the future.

Commenting on the successful award, Elastic FM said “For the last 10 years, we have worked hard to support all aspects of our local community. Doing some of this work creates unavoidable costs and we are delighted that Awards For All Community Fund can see the value of our work and have, once again support us with a suitable grant”            

Interested to get involved?

Elastic FM is a community media project that is operated by volunteers. Local people can apply to get involved. This can include helping us with some of the work alluded to above, being trained to prepare for and deliver a live radio show or to become one of our Community Journalists.  

If you are interested to get involved with Elastic FM and would like to find out more about some of our roles, please email us on david.lilley@elasticfm.co.uk or via telephone on 01246 888 804